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London’s Great Dane

It’s hardly surprising that Camilla Skovgaard is kicking arse in the world of shoe design today, since she shares her Danish heritage with the likes of design geniuses Arne Jacobsen, Georg Jensen and Mssrs Bang and Olufsen.

Beginning your design career in Paris as an apprentice in couture with Balmain can’t have been a bad start either. But it was her move to Dubai, to work for a fashion house at the tender age of 20 when her love-affair with shoes really started. Witnessing first hand the resulting disasters when bad shoes were paired with the most beautiful couture outfits . . . “it was the lack of taste in women’s shoes that I saw in Dubai that initially set me on the footwear path. I gradually came to recognise the crucial importance of the right shoes if the final look is to make any sense” . . . she was galvanised into moving to London to learn the art of shoe design at London’s esteemed school for cobblers – Cordwainers.

Her BA Hons was followed by an MA at London’s Art School, working with Matthew Williamson as shoe designer, winning a number of prestigious awards along the way. Her first collection was snapped up by SAKS 5th Avenue before she’d even graduated!

In 2007 she was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Scholar Award for contributions to excellence of modern and traditional British craftsmanship. Collections for Matthew Williamson and Pucci followed.

Edgy embellished glads

Edgy embellished glads

And today her contribution remains excellent, modern and traditional in the sense that her designs are a juxtaposition of hyper-sexy (with funky fetish influences) and sporty (wearable craftsmanship supported by technical function and attention to detail).

Silver chain embellished strap and signature corrugated rubber sole

Silver chain embellished strap and signature corrugated rubber sole

Her collections regularly receive the highest accolades from the world’s most revered critics and titles – she has more column inches to her name than the highest of her gravity defying heels – but it is perhaps her commitment to consistently delivering high levels of quality (she still designs all her collections and oversees product development and production in Italy and China), class and impeccable fit that differentiate her from many of her peers.

Boots of architectural genius, fit for any city dash

Boots of architectural genius, fit for any city dash

Oh – that, and the fact that her signature black rubber soles are the perfect antidote to stressful city life. With these little darlings on your feet, its like running for the bus in your sneakers – but a whole lot more chichi!

You can find Camilla’s shoes at Harvey Nichols, Paul and Joe and at West London’s hottest new concept boutique The Convenience Store as well as online at Camilla Skovgaard.


All Dressed Up and No Place To Go

So, try to follow this story from the beginning.

I am total best buds with an indie band (in a non Almost Famous sort of way). This has been true for nearly a decade. About three years ago, one of the guys in the band started to date this awesome girl, who went on to become my BFF. She, then, introduced her other BFF (since like college), to one of the other guys in the band, who instantly hit it off. This couple is now getting married.

betsyvillepaulineObviously, I assumed I would be at the wedding. Hell, I was the one the dude called for hair advice before his first date with this girl. Clearly, I am significant.

As it is to be a fairly non-traditional morning ceremony in a nearby park, it will be less formal – but still a summer wedding! I had the dress all picked out, and new that these Betseyville Pauline T-Strap Pumps from would be the perfect accompaniment. The oversized faux leather bow with metal stud detail depicted precisely the edgy and sexy look I was going for. Perfect for a summer wedding in the park among a bunch of musicians.

Except, my invitation never came. And all my friends received theirs. And while, obviously, I am somewhat taken aback at the obvious shun, I have bigger problems: My gorgeous shoes and I now have no plans for that morning.

Brunch, anyone?


From $1300 to $16.99…. what price style?

Last week I realized I could no longer see into most of my closet, so I blocked off some of my precious free time and did some early spring cleaning.

Near the back I found a pair of black boots. They were worn, but perfect. Mid-calf height, soft but still shiny and high enough to give some lift without making me totter. I loved those boots. I could wear them with anything, my favorite turquoise wrap dress, work pants, jeans and of course with anything black.

They even found their way into a sexy Halloween costume once. Sadly, their time had come. So with my credit card and laptop in hand I went in search of a new black boot.

My first stop was research, Jimmy Choo, of course. I found a great pair, Beach, that I absolutely loved. I was sold on then until I saw the $1300 price tag. I love you Jimmy, but not a mortgage payments worth. At least now I knew what I was looking for.
Next I turned my mouse towards Bloomingdale’s in search of something equally as lust worthy without the budget busting. There were plenty of options, the only thing suitable was the Pulsar by Stuart Weitzman, but for $535 it better be love. A quick check of my bank account reveals that it was going to be more of a budget shoe month.
So, over to the Payless site I went. I found the Sampson boot which was shiny like Choo’s but I didn’t buy them. Instead my eye was drawn to the more demure, and less shiny Tara boot.

At $16.99 the price was right and the look is great. They came in two days, and while they aren’t what I set out to buy but they’re a more grown up pair, and still 100% sexy. My closet is once again complete.


A Cautionary Valentine’s Tale

V-Day is not all sweetness and light. The darker side of the season unearths wilting flowers, stale chocolates, and a plethora of unexplainable purchases from bewildered boyfriends and husbands.
Every year, my girlfriends and I host a pity party so we can bemoan the gifts from our better halves, and the fact that these men just don’t understand us. Two years ago, we gathered around a towering raspberry cheesecake à la Golden Girls to discuss Allison’s cell phone (too controlling), Kara’s $20 Bloomingdale’s certificate (too easy, too cheap), and Belinda’s ring (too much, too soon).

Not to be outdone, I offered my own history of gifts-gone-bad. There was *Will, who thrilled me with tax software with the rebate cut out of the bottom of the box, and *Phil, a Navy Seal who gave me a stuffed toy seal, which I later discovered had been given to him by another woman.
But it was *Bill, bless his bewildered heart, who managed to trump the others with his wildly off-base efforts, even after five months of dating. I gave him a sporty jacket he’d mercilessly hinted for, and he gave me a pair of high heel marabou slippers for the boudoir. Horrors! Other women often complain of generic gifts, but these were so oddly personal, it was a bit off-putting. I mean, shoes aren’t something you can buy for another person, even if they never leave the house.
That night, as I slipped under the covers and curled into a fetal position with the hairy pink hooker shoes at the foot of the bed, I replayed the evening’s events in my head. While the significance of the gift may have been open to interpretation, I (the most interpretive of all beings) was convinced this particular gesture was code language for “kaput.” After all, he’d really purchased them just to please himself. The clincher? They were two sizes too big because they were the last pair at Frederick’s.
Which leads me to the moral of this story: A man should never attempt to shop for bedroom shoes unless he’s trolling with his girlfriend or wife peering over his shoulder. And he should thrown in a nice spa package to put her in the mood.
*Names have been changed to protect the clueless.


Farewell, My Lovelies

Every girl needs one pair of designer shoes. It’s a defining moment; a right of passage and a sense of having arrived. I imagine it’s the same feeling a guy gets with achieving surround sound. I still have the first pair of designer shoes I ever bought. Three inch, Black, strappy Jimmy Choo heels that buckled around the ankle. They were brilliant, sexy, sophisticated and cost me half a month’s rent. I bought them four years ago for a friend’s wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Those shoes were about the only thing I hadn’t kicked off when I myself was kicked out of the hotel after the concierge caught me making out with one of the groomsmen in a broom closet. Since then I’ve gotten them stuck and torn in a subway grate, suffered blisters and broken straps, and had the soles replaced three times. But I don’t care. If they’re worth their salt, chances are you’ve worn your shoes to some pretty amazing places. All the battle scars are reminders of where you’ve been; the good times and, in some cases, the bad times. And in the end, if you’ve chalked up more good memories than bad, your fabulous pair of shoes are worth the money you scraped together to buy them. Because let’s face it, retail therapy may be cliché, but damn if it doesn’t work!

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