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Sashaying to the High Seas

I’m taking a little vacation this weekend – I’m going on a cruise!

Early next week, I’m leaving on a press trip to China, and while that promises to be tons of fun – I am eager to embark with a little R&R time under my belt.

RackRoomShoes.comSo, tomorrow, I shall be taking part in the launch cruise of brand-new Carnival Dream, and I needed sassy yet professional shoes to wear to the naming ceremony. It’s a bit of a conundrum, my vocation: A lot of my activities are fun, and festive, but I am still a professional going to work, and representing my brand (um, that would be me).

After the deeply important decisions were out of the way — and by that, I mean my outfit and my pedicure — the perfect shoes fell into my lap. Accompanying me to the ship’s naming ceremony – which, by the way, I will be live-Tweeting from -I will be wearing my hot new Dannika by Limelight sandals from Rack Room Shoes for $34.99.

The color is ridiculously hot, and the satiny finish gives an touch of class while still full of edge. All aboard! I am so ready for my mai tai.


Winter Foot Safety Tips

It may seem a little odd, in a shoe blog, to write about the dangers of, well, shoes. But, lets face it: We’re all going to be wearing some crazy heels and trendy boots this season. And, of course, our feet will suffer for it.

Shoes.comThe goal is to be gorgeous, and yet be prepared. Winter boots that are made without support can cause your feet to become sore and achy. Most people suffer from foot and leg problems due to the lack arches in winter boots, such as UGGs, which lead to heal spurs and also shin splints. Luckily, Surgical Director of NYC FootCare, Dr. Oliver Zong, gave us some advice.

According to Dr. Zong, proper footwear for icy, slush conditions is a pair of waterproof boots with good traction on the bottom. These will keep you from slipping on the snowy pavement. Here’s some more of his do’s and don’ts:

* Do invest in boots with support and an arch
* Don’t wear boots with heels, to prevent slipping
* Do wear good socks to keep your feet insulated
* Don’t let your toenails go untrimmed
* Do keep your feet as dry as possible to avoid cracking of the skin
* Don’t forget to moisturize the soles and heels of your feet daily
* Do allow your feet to air out between shoe and sock changes

So, good luck. And when you do get that pair of Uggs – cause you know you will – go for a little color and make this trend your own. I’m rocking this adorable purple shade of the Ugg women’s classic tall boot, $179.99, at – how cute are they???


Stepping Up and Out

Recently, I underwent a little life tumultuousness.

pinkhighbootsThe recession is hitting lots of people in various ways. Some are losing their jobs, some are taking on second ones to make ends meet. Others are just living in fear, afraid to order that takeout lunch or buy a new pair of shoes, because who knows what tomorrow will bring.

In my own case, after having a delusional period of security in the face of chaos – I even joked the recession was good for freelancers – I left a longterm gig -and despite having a dozen other jobs, I immediately began to obsess about everything from rent to whether I could still afford to exclusively buy organic vegetables.

Everyone told me everything would be alright – that historically, when one opportunity ends, I have a knack for finding a bigger and better one. And, not a month later, I did.

I realize that nothing in life is certain, and I think that moment of doubt taught me to be careful, and to think ahead, rather than in the moment. No matter how secure something seems – whether it’s a job, friendship, or a relationship – ultimately, you need to just be able to rely on yourself, your abilities, and your strength to move on and onward.

Shortly after regaining my mojo, I invested in these Two Lips Kitty Kat high  boots from, a steal at $99  – and their vibrant seductive suede is reflective of the me I’m ready to show the world. Sexy, tall, and sure – with a whole lot of sassy pink to share.


Animal Planet: Caring Can Begin with Your Footwear

In my experience, we can judge humanity largely on how they treat – and interact – with animals.

Case in point:

If you are dating a man who has no animals, wants no animals, and shuns your animals – pretty likely, he will not anytime soon want to be making babies with you.

In fact, I’ve seen studies where serial killers have been researched based on their childhood activities – and in many cases, they mistreated or downright abused animals.

This summer, I was visiting a former friend, and she related a story to me about how her BFF had recently owned a puppy. Apparently, after living in her home for the duration of a year, the puppy got a little bit wild and they tried to return it – the store wouldn’t take it back… so they abandoned the defenseless animal at a fire hydrant in the middle of the night and drove away.

“Isn’t that hilarious???” my former friend asked me.

“Uh, no…” I responded. I was repulsed.

That was the last time I saw that friend. A few days later, she “disposed” of me in very much the same way her friend had disposed of the puppy. Ultimately, people who have disregard for others simply have disregard for others…puppy or person. And that is why sociopaths start off by nailing puppies to walls, and men who do not like kittens ultimately ain’t going to be your baby-daddy.

While I’m not saying that my love and appreciation for our furry friends has limited my enjoyment of, say, leather, or the occasional late-night buffalo burger, I will say I’d never ever disrespect any living, breathing creature with feelings – I’d treat them with all the love and care any of God’s creatures deserve – no matter if they get a little inconvenient for me at times.

That said, I am blown away at the level of cuteness found in vegan footwear these days – take my new pink patent peep-toes, $32.99, from Consideration comes in all forms, to all degrees, but if I can exhibit a little bit of species-consciousness at the same time I’m showing off my pedicure…why wouldn’t I?


Rockin’ It Out in Fuchsia Heels from Rock & Republic

rock and republic heelsThis fall, it’s all about suede in eye-catching colors and these fuchsia heels from Rock & Republic fit the bill for those days you want to show off your rocker-girl chic side on date night, party night, or a night out on the town with your gal pals.

The spiked stiletto heel might take some time to get used to, but once you’ve trained your gams to handle the challenge, you’ll be ready to rock and roll like there’s not tomorrow. The 4 1/4” heel does is supported by a 3/8” platform (FYI) so you should be okay if you’re used to wearing skinny heels at the office…or otherwise.

The color is right on the money for fall’s trends, so don’t be afraid to wear these with your black pants, little black dress, and those grey capris you picked up for the season. The gleaming studs on the back of the heel can be matched to a pewter handbag or clutch and you’re ready to hit the town in style!


I Love My Pink Suede Shoes

Last week, I went to a grown-up’s version of an amusement park – I got to tour the Aerosoles showroom in NYC!

Aerosoles 013Letting a somewhat shoe-obsessed person loose in a room full of pretty new fall shades is somewhat of a dangerous undertaking, but I think I controlled myself rather well. I avoided almost-all Tom Cruise-esque jumping on top of the couch squealing, and chose the one pair of shoes that I felt reflected my intrinsic nature…and were comfy.

These are the new Aerosoles Genesis style – I got them in the pink (obviously), and am already dreaming about pairing them with my favorite gray tights and sweater dress as the weather chills in a few weeks. How fab is that color??? I was literally ready to die. (But for those of you who have lifestyles that demand more conservative choices, it comes in great black and camel shades as well.)

I have to confess – despite my ShoeTube-world lifestyle – that I have a lot of difficulty, generally, with heels. I just do not like to be in pain!!! These do not hurt, though, they actually feel like little pink pillows on my feet.

I was so excited about my new shoes that Aerosoles has agreed to do a giveaway! One reader will win the Genesis style in the color of their choice! To have your chance to win, please share your favorite Aerosoles comfort-meets-style moment/memory. PLUS, you can earn extra contest entries by RT-ing this contest on Twitter. (I’m @alywalansky.) Deadline is September 5.

Aerosoles 004PS: Teachers! Due to a super-cool arrangement that Aerosoles has with the NEA, if you flash your membership card at any store location, you will instantly get 15% off any style, even ones on sale!


Buy Some Shoes, Save a Life

By now I’m sure you all know about TOMS Shoes, the company that gives a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes you buy. If you didn’t, might I suggest a) tuning into the latest AT&T commercial, which features the stylish, do-good brand and its handsome founder Blake Mycoskie, and b) purchasing some hand-painted Tyler Ramsey TOMS (see below) immediately.

Hand-painted Tyler Ramsey TOMS

Hand-painted Tyler Ramsey TOMS, $68

For the longest time I thought TOMS was an anomaly. And in many respects it still is. But TOMS isn’t the only company to combine my two favorite things—helping people and shoes. The Preemptive Love Coalition, a non-profit organization, sells hand-made Kurdish shoes and invests the profits toward heart surgeries for impoverished Arab and Kurdish children.

Blue Klash, $100

Blue Klash, $100

Each pair of shoes, called Klash, costs $100 and take approximately 40 hours to make. Kurdish men tackle the soles, the most difficult part of the shoe, while Kurdish women stitch the rest.

According to the PLC, each shoe carries “the unique mark of its maker. No shoe is perfect, as Muslim craftsman often regard that quality as belonging to God alone.”

They aren’t as stylish as a pair of TOMS, but reading about the Iraqi children they save on the organization’s blog more than makes up for it.

Whether you go for some TOMS or a pair of Klash‘s (or both!), at the end of the day, fashion is great—helping people is better.

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