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Spring Sling

I like black. In fact, I LOVE black. Live for black. And if the powers that be ever stopped producing black I would be lost. Truly lost. Unable to function lost. But come springtime, my love seems to wane just long enough for me to make an impulse purchase that is NOT black but FULL of color. And I mean full.
Spring Sling
Often the compulsion for color manifests in footwear. Over the years I have found it the easiest to justify (of course) and the easiest to integrate into my existing wardrobe of black, black, black, gray, gray and sometimes white. This spring in Berlin was no different. On the first sunny day I found myself ducking into the shoe store beside the BauHaus (Germany’s Home Depot) for a little spring lift.

Like a Payless, the store was organized by size, and although all I thought I wanted was a pair of fuchsia flip-flops I saw in the store window, I walked out with shoes so opposite to everything in my existing arsenal of footwear I’m not even sure what to do with them. Patent-floral cork-wedge heels. Yup. That’s them.

A brand I have never heard of (Young Spirit), in colors I often don’t even register, they now sit in the bottom of my closet and taunt me. Dare me to wear them. Snicker every time I grab something black off the shelf. The truth is, I have nothing to wear them with. And so, it’s likely that my cheap 30Euro shoe purchase will cost me 300Euro, ‘cause I have my eye on a fantastic white Calvin Klein shift-dress that would look great with them. The dress would also look fantastic with anything black. So really it’s a win-win.


Moonlighting at the Mansion that Brings Us Makeup

I love my role as blogger extraordinaire, but sometimes I do a little moonlighting to help pay the rent. My secret life of the moment? I’m editing beauty product inserts.

Believe it or not, this is actually perfectly tuned to my career. I write beauty news by day, and have been a copy editor for years by night. It’s marrying all my worlds!

What has been fascinating though is discovering the inner workings of world I thought I already knew. My new job is in the art department of one of the world’s biggest cosmetic giants. On the surface, we write about flawless perfection – but in reality, we are sitting at cubicles with draft paper, red-circling the word warning, in no less than 12 languages.

nomad171782_96546_lgThe dress code at this mansion of makeup is surprisingly plain – people for the most part dress much like they have at financial magazines or dance journals I have passed through in the past. I, though, am still a beauty editor – no matter what my hat at the time – and I always dress for the occasion.

Today, it was roughly 80 degrees despite still being April. I wore my Nomad Hickory sandals from They are high-heeled and slightly flirty, they give a sexy edgy to a casual spring dress – yet are just understated enough not to frighten the natives.

Back to my draft paper…


Flower Power (and some not so flowery options, too)

After months of zipping into either black or brown wedge-heeled boots, day in and day out, spring fever for me spells anything but black or brown leather boots! Which is why I’m all too happy to jump on board the printed shoes trend shaping up this season.

Dax by Betsey Johnson

Dax by Betsey Johnson

Blogger Planet Shoes heralded the graphic wave in a March 18 post: “J Shoes really takes their footwear to a new level. Artistic in design and inspiration, the Lucca is a perfect example of this gorgeous trend.” Other picks? Sam & Libby‘s Zees2 skimmers.

Zees2 by Sam & Libby

Zees2 by Sam & Libby

But pretty + pastel doesn’t have to mean dainty ballet flats. Nothing wrong with those, but even Keds — the go-to for squeaky-clean, timeless girly styles, rounds out its offerings with a collection of patterned wedges. The Tracy Reese Wedge features a summery espadrille-style heel and a fabric upper reminiscent of retro upholstery.

Springtime + prints tends to equal florals, which is why a rundown of Betsey Johnson‘s flowery pumps is so fitting. The Shoe Blitz blog touted Johnson’s cork heel and gingham upper Harley Sandal. Zappos carries the Dax, a rose bud print sandal reminiscent of Candie’s iconic pinup mules.

Keds' Tracy Reese wedge

Keds' Tracy Reese wedge

Marciano‘s Firoella gladiator melds a casual boho flat with metallic hardware and elegant watercolor textile straps (the sandals come in a red/navy or black/white color scheme if the Matisse-esque gold/green/cream palette is too much).

But just because prints are big for spring, that doesn’t mean blossoms are all that’s in season.

Balence by Madden Girl

Balence by Madden Girl

Madden Girl‘s vampy Balence sandals mix leopard fabric with pink patent straps. And remember Betsey Johnson? Her sassy Neema t-strap takes the animal magnetism one step farther with gold stud accents scattered across the sandal’s straps.


The L.A. Native’s ‘Must Have’ For Spring: The Havaiana Sandal

I know it’s not quite spring yet….but the warm weather we’ve been having in L.A. is making me giddy and delirious with


There’s a simple beauty about Los Angeles in the spring. The city’s still coming out of the rainy season, so the air is crisp and clean. The sunshine is warm, not hot. The roses start to come back, green and leafy with new life. A passing breeze blows the scent of jasmine through your window. I love stepping outside and feeling the hot pavement under my bare feet.

I know this is about as far as I can go before the rest of the country (currently still enduring freezing temps) blasts me for being… just plain mean.

So before you leave this little blog, let me tell you why I’m so excited. Maybe it’s all the vitamin D, but I’ve discovered an amazing spring ‘Must Have’ that I have to share with you now, even if you still have to wait a few more months to wear them. Let me introduce the Havaiana sandal.

The Havaiana is not a new shoe. It’s been around for a couple years. At first glance it looks like your average rubber flip flop. But don’t be fooled! It’s the most comfortable sandal I’ve ever worn. And, they have a cool web site in English, Spanish, and Portugese, too, for all you Brazilian beach girls out there.

Here’s what caught this Californian’s attention.

Growing up in Pacific Palisades, I am what you might call, a beach girl. And in the Palisades and, I think it’s safe to say, across Southern California, beach girls have always worn Reefs. The Reef sandal is part of a brilliantly bohemian ensemble called “surfer chic.” The sole is black rubber, and the thong is made of multi-colored braided cloth; paired with right string bikini, the combo is unstoppable. I’ve never strayed from this fashion belief–until now.

Yesterday I decided to get out of my house and walk–yes people–walk up town. Is that bad? Is it an L.A. thing? Anyway, can I just ask the question: what is it about warm weather that boosts the serotonin levels in our brains and makes us want to shop? And even more astonishing — exercise??

Larchmont Boulevard in L.A. is an amazing three blocks of boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants. Now, I don’ t know if it was my freshly pedicured toes (Essie’s Pink Ribbon), the warm weather, or a random need to buy a pair of flip flops, but when i popped into my favorite boutique and spotted the Havaianas in the corner, my heart did a little flip-flop of its own.

Like a crazed person I searched through the bin, picked out a pair of black ones, (size 9) and bought them without even trying them on. When I got home, I kicked off my old Reefs, threw them into the closet where they couldn’t see, and slipped on my new Havaiana.



Seriously folks, allow my insanely good mood to influence you here for a moment. Despite being comfortable and easy to walk in, these shoes are the first pair of rubber thongs I have ever owned that did not give my feet the usual break-in blisters.

Personally, I prefer the solid colors, and there is literally a rainbow of them to choose from.

But for those of you who love a little ‘bling’, they also make sparkly, jeweled ones!

I’m telling you, I’m in love. I’m having an affair with my Havaianas and I just don’t have the heart to tell my Reefs.

So there’s my tale. I’ll still keep my Reefs around. After all, classic shoes never go out of style. We’ll always be friends.

But for the time being I’m subscribing to the Haviana fan club– and as we head into the summer season, I highly suggest you do too!

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