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Handsome Devil: Morrissey & Stella McCartney design shoes

Furthering the argument that leather-free footwear can be fashion forward, two of the planets most stylish vegans are teaming up to produce an animal-free line of shoes.

Stella McCartney's Koiec flats for Adidas

The U.K.’s Spinner Music broke the news: “Morrissey is to design a range of leather-free shoes with designer Stella McCartney. The designer, the daughter of Sir Paul, said the designs are in the early stages but she hoped they would be in stores next year, the Daily Mail reported. ‘I’m working with Morrissey on a line of leather-free shoes which I’m really excited about,’ Stella McCartney was quoted by the paper.’We are still in the early stages, but the shoes could be launched next year.'” (Also on the horizon: “McCartney is also reportedly set to work with fellow vegetarian Leona Lewis on a new clothing range.”)

New York Magazine’s The Cut blog had this to say: “Finally, the void left by Natalie Portman shall be filled!”

Stella McCartney vegan sneakers for Adidas

Joke all you like; McCartney can deliver. Back in 2004 Discovery Company Treehugger wrote, “High fashion isn’t usually associated with sustainability–at best it does a little greenwashing here and there. But in the case of Stella McCartney, high fashion makes an exception. Miss thing inherited more than just rock royalty genes from Daddy, she inherited Mom’s good-hearted love for animals. All of her clothes are animal-free, including the shoes, which, amazingly, even forego PVC-based plastics in favor of materials derived from plants.”

McCartney’s current footwear lines include an Adidas laceup with a textile upper and synthetic outsole, and a faux-suede perforated bootie to which blogger The Shoe Goddess gave serious props. “While I may think that everyone needs a pair of suede booties for their wardrobe, Stella McCartney has given a beautiful alternative with her faux-suede gray perforated booties,” she writes. “These booties are of course even more interesting and unique because they have the perforations throughout the shoes. The holes are absolutely stunning and turn the shoe into a canvas and creating a piece of artwork on the shoe itself.”

Stella McCartney perforated bootie

So what will Morrissey bring to the project? The former Smiths singer manages to keep his own shoes out of his publicity shots for the most part, but his immaculately tailored suits are epic.

Can you spot Morrissey's footwear? muses, “While the collection is probably going to be more fun that Natalie Portman’s, it has posed a major dilemma for us. What’s the best Smiths reference to make in this situation? Grazia went with ‘Shoplifters of the world uniting…’ Fashionista wrote, ‘We guess all those pleases paid off and he’ll be getting what he wants this time.'”


Lattice is the New Cage

While shoe trends come and go with the breakneck pace of El Nino-induced white caps, there is some comfort in the evolution of style. One look, especially much-loved one, has a way of breeding the next generation of trend. Take gladiators: The strappy cute sandals made a huge comeback last summer. Those shoes spawned bondage-y heels and boots with copius buckles and straps. Then came cage heels: still bondage-y, but more refined. And now, the next style down the pipe (according to blogger Shoewawa) is lattice.

Hosty by BCBG Girls, at

Hosty by BCBG Girls, at

“Mesh and weaving is becoming a big hit in the ‘post-cage-shoes’ era,” Shoewawa writes. “It takes a skilled designer to work this look into something that doesn’t end up resembling a grocery bag and there are some shocking examples out there of where some have tried and failed – but here, I’ve found a few that seem to get the look just right.”  (Those include Chanel’s two-tone patent woven boot, Manolo Blahnik‘s mesh heeled shoes, Jeffrey Campbell’s Brazze and L.A.M.B.’s woven peep toe shoe boot.)

Trend-watcher Fashion Style Me also lists the lattice craze among Women’s Shoe Trends for 2010.
Of YSL’s Stefano Pilati, the blogger writes, “These sexy open-trellis weave shoe-boots will re-boot any outfit ready for spring.” And: “This lattice-weave styling is catching on across the fashion spectrum; find them in black & tan & in bold colors too. Women’s glossies are bowled over by the mesh trend, & YSL’s caged ankle-boots [were] Elle magazine’s pick of the month [in the] UK February 2009 edition.”
Jeffrey Campbell Brazze lattice heel, available at

Jeffrey Campbell Brazze lattice heel, available at

Trend-watcher Fashion Style Me also lists the lattice craze among Women’s Shoe Trends for 2010. Of YSL’s Stefano Pilati, the blogger writes, “These sexy open-trellis weave shoe-boots will re-boot any outfit ready for spring.” And: “This lattice-weave styling is catching on across the fashion spectrum; find them in black & tan & in bold colors too. Women’s glossies are bowled over by the mesh trend, & YSL’s caged ankle-boots [were] Elle magazine’s pick of the month [in the] UK February 2009 edition.”
Type Z by Hennelly, at

Type Z by Hennelly, at

The Shoe Goddess is on board, remarking, “Stella McCartney always has the perfect way of keeping her designs simple, but making them stand out as well. The netting is super hot, and she too is following in the gladiator trend… This shoe has just made me love a new trend – the basket weave – hot!”

Stella McCartney mesh basket sandal

Stella McCartney mesh basket sandal

Blogger Suddenly Darling also gives a shout out to lattice/mesh/weaving, reporting, “This season a new breed of boot has emerged, the caged bootie. It’s like a peek-a-boo shoe. Instead of the gladiator lace, these come in mesh and various weaves.”

Interview with a Style Expert: Maridel Reyes

You know when you meet someone you immediately like and then you find out they have a job that is so covetable you want to hate them, but you just can’t?-1 They’re too warm and genuine to inspire that kind of bitterness… Meet Maridel Reyes, an NYC-based freelance writer who covers health for magazines like Glamour and SELF, and regularly reports on fashion events and celebrity parties for New York Magazine. Yeah.

Maridel has been behind the sceniest of scenes and happily agreed to share some of that hard-earned fashion gossip with ShoeTube:

Which celeb were you most psyched to meet and what kind of shoes were they wearing?

I know it’s not shoe-related, but for sheer star power, I was in awe of Bono. I’ve talked to him briefly at two events, and he was very gracious. One interview took place as he was walking to a banquet room to give a speech. The poor guy gets mobbed everywhere–once a few people saw him he was surrounded!

The best celeb shoe-spotting was Madonna in head-to-to LV at the Gucci/Unicef Snowflake Ball Dinner honoring Rihanna.

Have you ever asked a celeb about her shoes?

During Fashion Week, shoes are a huge topic. Especially if a model fell on the runway that day–we’ll ask models about their near-misses and strategies to walk in those crazy shoes. Perry Reeves from Entourage raved about the roll-on blister block from Band-Aid to me at a party. And during last fashion week, I chatted with Molly Sims about her falling up the stairs at the gym (Her tip: use those foot petals so you don’t slip).

Last fall I talked to designers and Project Runway’s Nina Garcia about how they protected their shoes in the sudden downpour of Hurricane Hanna. Nina is quite small, but she’s always wearing incredibly high platform-y shoes. Even in the sticky August heat, she looked great!

Give us your top three go-to shoes for star-studded parties.

I need something I can stand around in (and sometimes run after celebs in) so in the winter, I’ll wear a pair of black round-toe pumps, two-tone (black/grey) patent leather lace-up peep-toe oxfords or if it’s really chilly, flat riding boots.

In the summer, I wear bright shoes (I have a yellow canvas pair with a wooden sole from Target–shh!!) or red kitten heels. This year, I’m retiring a beloved pair of Stella McCartney black patent leather stacked gladiator-style heels with wooden soles.

Give us your dream shoes for the next one.

Well, since we’re shooting for the moon… I saw these Louboutin Mary Jane 120 platforms in person and wanted to DIE.38866_in_dl

I love these Bottega Veneta sandals for spring.37456_in_dl

I oddly have a soft spot for jelly flats. These are from Tory Burch.39224_in_dl


Clear Heels See the Light of Day

I’m not sure exactly when clear heels pulled the reverse Pretty Woman (the transition from Cinderella to strip tease) but celebs have finally taken pity.

Blogger Shoebunny just spotted Claudia Schiffer in clear plexi sandals from Stella McCartney’s Spring 2009 collection. And they look cute. Truly.

Still unsure, I checked out the forum ModelMayhem where many a fun-loving model confessed to a love of barely-there heels.

The final straw⎯ShoeSmitten. She posted a sweet little pair of clear Mootsie Tootsies for summer.

So if you’ve been secretly wondering what it would be like to step out in something very, very see-through, now is the time. I suggest going the less expensive eBay route though, because this trend’s staying power is anything but transparent.

My picks:
Ease in with these blue peep toes from affordably chic eBay store Shop for Phree. They have a blue-to-clear gradient heel.fly02-blue1

Lucite wedge mules by Nine West look perfectly polished. b877_1

Vintage Stuart Weitzman are definitely Cinderella-worthy.bpoil2qcgkkgrhgoh-d8ejlllzkdlbjymggmrn_12

Silver studs take these jelly heels from sweet to cool.242070670_tp

Green piping makes these wedges from Grandma Sofia’s Boutique summerlicious.509d_1

And my oh what the hell pick, big old platforms from My Shoe Addiction.sweet401c


Best Boots/Leg Cast Ever!

Hey guys, wait up! No, I didn’t break both my legs, these are my new Stellies!

Um, Stella McCartney? For Adidas? Yes, I bought them full-price, why? I think they are *superrrrcute* with these shorts!

No, I don’t have polio.

Anyway, I bought them in black too. I know it’s cold, but they keep my legs warm! Like leg-warmers, only not. They go with so much, totally allll my formal shorts, and I would say most of my culottes. And I was getting really tired of those Moonboot Marc Jacob thingies.

I hope we have eight ZILLION more weeks of winter. Whee! Huh? Whatever, I could but I don’t like wearing pants. And why would I go trout fishing? I’m a vegan. Like Stella.

But yes, these are doing a really good job supporting my ankles, thanks for asking. Maybe when you’re done polluting the Earth with your leather-animal-hating shoes you can borrow them.

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