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eBay Holiday Quick Fix

Need some sparkle for your wintry festivities? These pretty eBay bargains caught my fancy. Happy holiday bidding!

Get gorgeous in Suart Weiztman All a Glow black velvet pumps (sz 6, starting at $60)  decked with this shiny ring of jewels.

Stand tall in brown velvet hidden platform booties (sz 8, staring at $21, from boutique MakeMeChic) with golden studs.

Glisten in gold metallic Soutache J Renee pumps (sz 9, starting at $15, from boutique The Enchanted Closet).

Red velvet isn’t only for Santa with these sequined burgundy pumps (sz 8, starting at $10, from boutique The Shop of Shoes).


DIY: Design It Yourself

Here’s a little something for all the Do It Yourselfers out there: Design Your Own Shoes sites. Thanks to blogger Desiree Stimpert, we’ve all been introduced to Shoes of Prey, an online shops that boasts it “creates beautiful bespoke women’s shoes, designed by you.”

My first design attempt at Shoes Of Prey

Here’s how it works, according to the company: “You choose the heel, toe, fabric, color and embellishments. Our expert craftsmen then make your shoes to measure, swaddle them in a soft dust bag and crisp new box, and ship them straight to your waiting feet.”

Reports Stimpert, “I had a lot of fun playing with the design tool, and was surprised at how many combinations were possible. But the biggest — and most pleasant — surprise is the price: most shoes cost about …$215 U.S. dollars, which is an incredible bargain for bespoke shoes.”

While Keds and Converse have been allowing shoppers to customize their kicks with color, print and style choices, self-directed dress shoes and heels have been the sole property of footwear designers. That’s changing.

One style possibility at Dream Heels

According to Luxist, Canadian company Dream Heels is offering novice designers/shoe lovers a chance to custom-create styles. “The designs are shown on the Dream Heels Web site and can be voted on. Each month a winning design is chosen. The creator receives $250 and a $250 Dream Heels gift certificate,” explains Luxist.

So far, all of the Dream Heels styles are the same — a pump — but the designs vary wildly from a rainbow stripe to a peacock print. Currently, 25 designs are in contention.

Finally, Glamour Magazine’s Slave to Fashion blog recently posted that “Online shoe retailer has teamed up with Steve Madden for Sole Search, a design competition that gives aspiring Louboutins a chance to share their towering vision with the world.” Aspiring designers can create a design from scratch or by using a downloadable Steve Madden template.

The Lauper, a popular design in Steve Madden's Sole Search competition

So far over 1800 entries have been submitted and there’s still another month of the competition. Check out the competition, review designs (the Lauper got raves like “These boots r amazing & so cool. I love them! I would love to have a pair!” — in fact, most reviews seem to be supportive) and submit your own ideas.

The grand prize: Steve Madden himself will select one of the three first prize winners’ designs (determined by votes on the Zappos site) to be produced and sold online at There’s also a $500 gift card and a $500 Steve Madden gift card. Nice.


Color-Block Party

I have a swimsuit addiction.

Victoria's Secret Color-Block Monokini

Victoria's Secret Color-Block Monokini

And nothing is making me anticipate summer more than the vivid blocks of color popping up all over this season’s collections.

Anything that feels modern while simultaneously reminding me of late 80s Denise Austin is a must-have.

However, I spent a small fortune on two J.Crew suits last summer and swore I’d stop buying swimsuits for at least another year. By summer’s end I never get as many opportunities to wear them as I dream up in May.

What I can justify are color-block shoes. Those I can wear everyday and eBay has some pitch-perfect styles:

Steven by Steve Madden Sumee 2-Tone Wedge Pumps from SmartBargains boutique,1311509262_XLvintage Larose 2-tone wedges in sweet green,ae87_1Miu Miu black and tan pumps from Shoe Interrupted,!BQLzFug!mk~$(KGrHgoH-E!EjlLlyV66BJ3hZ!7d(!~~_1

and vintage Salvatore Ferragamo 2-tone pumps going for only $10.DSC05475


The School of Hard Knock Offs

Today’s post on Shoeaholics Anonymous: “Knockoff Marc Jacobs Sandals.” The blog reveals, side-by-side, a pair of strappy red Marc Jacobs cork wedges ($339.95) and a Steve Madden version of the same shoe ($49.95). “Of course, we all know Steve Madden is known for some awesome knock-offs,” the writer points out.

Naga peep toe pump by Guess

Naga peep toe pump by Guess

In fact, the designer version-meets-discount version is regular fare for many a fashion magazine (I’m a huge fan of Self magazine’s “Admire it, Acquire it” it feature). But the recent lawsuit brought against clothing retailer Forever 21 (designer Travota accuses Forever 21 of copying a line of shirts; Diane von Fürstenberg, Anthropologie, Gwen Stefani and others have pressed similar charges in the past) gives the term “knock off” a dirty ring. (Like “Genuine Pradu” handbags weren’t bad enough.)

Still, how many of us can really spring for the Marc Jacobs sandals these days? And, in the shoe world, is it possible that imitation is still the sincerest form of flattery? Shoeaholics Anonymous seems to think so. The site boasts recent posts on Dolce Vita, Jimmy Choo and Louboutin knockoffs. (The Naga peep toe pump from Guess, pictured here, is nearly a dead-ringer for Jimmy Choo’s Eliza Petrol Patent Peep Toe Shoes.)

Gemology by Kenneth Cole Reaction

Gemology by Kenneth Cole Reaction

And, while out-and-out design stealing likely warrants cries of piracy, what about when designers “borrow” from their own high-end lines to flesh out their lower-priced offerings? Check out the $78.95 Gemology sandal from Kenneth Cole Reaction. It’s rhinestone-encrusted and comes in bronze, gold and silver.

Bedside by Unlisted

Bedside by Unlisted

Cole’s Unlisted brand features a sister (if not twin) style in the Bedside: sparkly beading, metallic coloring and just $45.

Glamour Girls Shoes Simpson

Glamour Girls Shoes Simpson

Finally, there are the replicas which are not knocksoff so much as tributes: Glamour Girls Shoes claims to be “your online source for the latest in celebrity worn and designer inspired footwear.” So, is Glamour Girls’ Simpson Peep Toe Wedge in homage to Jessica Simpson? The singer-turned-fashion-brand hasn’t produced a similar style in her current collection, but the open toe, the stacked wedge… it does nod to the star’s style. And a Simpson-esque shoe ($19.99!) is a step up from a “Genuine Sampson” any day.


Giving in to the Oxford

There are a few trends⎯leather motorcycle jackets, fringed moccasin boots, even cropped leggings⎯that I have resisted out of a sort of pigheaded pride.

It’s not that I think I’m above these pieces. It’s that when I first saw them, I gave them a season, maybe. I waited for them to pass. And like my attempts to take the bus rather than walk home on a rainy day, I’m left waiting but can’t budge because the longer I stand still, the more I have invested in the bus actually coming. Or in this case, the fashion don’t articles being written. Right?

Out of my many shortsighted restrictions, flat oxford shoes have been the hardest to resist. So when I opened May’s Marie Claire to see an adorable Rachel McAdams shot in even more adorable Christian Louboutin oxfords, I knew it was over. I’ve come crawling back to the oxford, tail between my legs, in the rain.

Photo via Just Jared:

See the whole series at Just Jared:

It wasn’t your fault, oxford, that a buyer at Urban Outfitters spotted you before I did. I shouldn’t have judged you so harshly. I should have believed in you. Now, with a degree of sureness that you’ll last another full season, I’d like to purchase you. Just not at full price.

I’m sheepishly headed to eBay store ShoeMetro for black Steve Maddens,stev101308_064154main

or Whochee Vintage for Kenneth Coles,249927382_tpor MrHaney4 for classic Cole Haans,0327_6_264

or Historic Images for crisp ivory Rockports.f021509t

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