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eBay Holiday Quick Fix

Need some sparkle for your wintry festivities? These pretty eBay bargains caught my fancy. Happy holiday bidding!

Get gorgeous in Suart Weiztman All a Glow black velvet pumps (sz 6, starting at $60)  decked with this shiny ring of jewels.

Stand tall in brown velvet hidden platform booties (sz 8, staring at $21, from boutique MakeMeChic) with golden studs.

Glisten in gold metallic Soutache J Renee pumps (sz 9, starting at $15, from boutique The Enchanted Closet).

Red velvet isn’t only for Santa with these sequined burgundy pumps (sz 8, starting at $10, from boutique The Shop of Shoes).


The High Heel Starter Kit

I recently celebrated a low key birthday (28). Even years do that to me. On odd years you can find me at a rooftop barbecue, backyard party or dive bar with everyone I have ever met, drinking rum and coke slushies. But even years are more contemplative. I stay in. I ponder.

So this year when I received a wonderful, interesting gift I had quiet time to decipher its meaning. It’s a Sephora “My First Makeup” starter kit. Inside are some very luscious cosmetics like Korres lip butter, Tarte cheek stain and Lorac bronzer.

To be clear, this is not my first makeup. I was a makeup early adopter, sneaking my mom’s eyeliner in middle school. And while the individual pieces were meant to be the real treat; the idea of getting a starter kit at this seemingly late stage in my cosmetic lifetime is immensely refreshing. Suddenly, I’m being given permission to start over. I cleared all the hard-caked mascaras and purple lipsticks from my big blue Samsonite makeup case and made way for my light and free new beautifiers.

Then I thought, how great would it be to get a high heel starter kit, just like this? It would have maybe five essential pairs of pumps, nestled side-by-side in a long velvet-lined box. It would be the gift to end all gifts. If I ever put one together, I’d go vintage, and these would surely be my basics:

Stuart Weitzman for Mr. Seymour silver 3 inch heels from affordable eBay boutique Maxfield P;stu1

Eighties Yves Saint Laurent suede pumps with a platform front from In Your Closet NYC;YS2

Andrew Gellar classic black alligator heels from Upscale Vintage Treasures;Alligator

Old Hollywood-style Nine West ivory peep toe pumps from Vintage Clothing/Collectibles;West1And the all-important lace-up 1960s spectator pump in a refreshing tan and navy combo, from the boutique Jantem 4 Manuels All That Glitters;Ox


Go Nude For Summer

After a season of adoring unabashed color, smart women everywhere are bucking brightly hued summer shoes in favor of wear-with-all color. I’m not talking about the obvious noir, white or brown. It’s time to enter neutral territory and rock solid nude, also affectionately known as tan, champagne, camel or khaki (depending upon your skin tone). Nude is the only color that transitions from winter to spring, summer to fall and back again, and effortlessly pairs with all of those unusual colors in your hot weather wardrobe (think lime, watermelon red, tangerine or any other shade that inevitably begs the question “What in Manolo’s name do I wear with this?”).

If wildly colored shoes are said to be a distraction from bad hair days, nude shoes are the best option for calling attention north of your neck (hey, good hair days happen). Before the days of clear stripper-inspired heels and Donald Trump, beauty pageant contestants wore tan toned pumps during the swimsuit competition to elongate their legs (making them look both longer and thinner) and make the shoe fade into the background on stage.

FYI: A nude pump is a far better alternative than a black one when it comes to complementing a tomato red suit or even a navy blue one, making it the ultimate Power Pump. But you’ve got to think like Angelina Jolie and make sure that the heel is tall and slender for a modern effect (a squat heel can look too mature on a young woman). To this day, Stuart Weitzman is the only designer that consistently puts out relatively affordable, super sexy pumps in gorgeous nude tones.



FFANY Sets Off a Show of Fab Shoes

Last night, I attended the opening night reception for FFANY’s New York Shoe Expo at the super luxe Empire Hotel Rooftop.

stuartweitzmanexertIt was a hot ticket – people spent a ton of dough to get in – but I received comped entrance, allowing me to cocktail and mingle among the shoe elite. For those not in the know, FFANY is a small but exclusive trade show featuring high end, exclusive, designer, salon and bridge lines.

The party was not a trade show, though, it was a posh cocktail party full of well-dressed (and well-heeled), eating fancy small plates and even fancier cocktails.

Being in a room of well-to-do $800 shoes, it was not a night for me to go out in my swag flip flops, but I also couldn’t really afford to keep up with the Manolos. (I am a starving writer, after all!)

On my well-manicured toes was my beloved Stuart Weitzman Exert platform sandals. They are still a splurge, but a worthwhile one, and add a great pop to the traditional little black dress.

Will I be attending the rest of FFANY? Possibly. I do love shoe porn. And, I bet they are likely to have more of those fabulous apple martinis around somewhere…


A Slice of Weitzman

In case you missed it, Shoetube’s video team caught up with the man behind the shoe, the Stuart Weitzman shoe, in an exclusive interview last week. To be perfectly clear, I’m biased. I love a good Weitzman. My favorite pair of loafers (vintage, bone, perforated suede with wooden heels and tassels on the vamp) are Weitzmans. I picked them up in the enchanting vintage shop next door to my hairdresser. This French-owned boutique has a huge gilt-framed mirror so I naturally rush right in to check myself out as soon as I’m done getting a trim.

The top-notch construction of my loafers is easily apparent and the style is, I’ll say it, timeless. For those of you considering investing in a new pair of the man’s shoes, you have my full confidence in the matter. They’re worth the money. And for those of us lacking in funds but bursting with enthusiasm, to eBay!

Mr. Weitzman did say, in reference to women at large, “I see you on the street. I see you at parties, and inspiration comes to me.” At least we can show him some inspiration of his own design. My top picks, at truly bargain prices:

Classy, classy, classy nude snakeskin slingbacks with a peep toe and primly folded bow ($2.99 with free shipping at post time!),A1

richly woven sandals in dark brown leather ($14.50 at post time),A2

sophisticated jelly sandals–is it possible? Yes (for only $10 to start)!A3Tan leather woven into a classic, airy pump with a wooden heel ($10 at post time),A4

black patent alligator loafers with a lush tassel ($10 at post-time),A5

and for only a $1 starting bid, black satin slingbacks with an orange, purple and red print shaped into bow so fluffy and delicate that this pair should be worn by someone willing to stroll down a Paris street while savoring a croissant. Bon appetit. 1243392244_1

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