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Full Support from Chinese Laundry

Saturday was my lovely grandma’s 80th birthday. And that is not something you miss.  So I had a whirlwind day of present-buying in NYC, hopping in the Zipcar for a 2 hour drive to Philly, eating a dress-up dinner at a posh restaurant with my family, and getting back to Brooklyn in time for a good friend’s 30th birthday bash, whew.

Normally, I might have worn pumps for my grandma’s soirée. But this time I needed footwear that could go formal and support my on-the-go day.

The answer was my favorite pair of luscious flat, black boots. With work wear stability, but soft to the touch, they got me everywhere I needed to be on foot, and looked plenty pretty under my poufy party skirt. If you’re in need of some double duty boots, check out this fantastic suede pair from Chinese Laundry ($98). Or, if you’re on a budget, these vintage boots on eBay (size 7, $10).


Red Boots Worth Blushing Over

Maybe Stiletto Warrior‘s love of red leather L.A.M.B. was weighing heavy on the mind of the shoe shopper in my subconscious. I was on the L train last night and the woman to my right was wearing red leather knee-high boots that were so timeless and gorgeous and different that they seemed to be calling to me.

Their owner however, was engrossed in the latest New Yorker. I know what it’s like to be interrupted by a stranger mid-essay. It’s not pleasant. But the boots. I had to know where they came from. I resolved to wait until the last possible moment to bother her.

Suddenly, someone got up and the woman with great taste in shoes sat down. I was left standing. This exchange had seemed much simpler when we were eye-to-eye. Now I’d have to practically yell at her to get her attention.

I’m sorry to report, dear readers, that I lost my nerve. I left her and the boots headed further into Brooklyn without me. The second I stepped off the subway I regretted it, not only because I wanted the shoes, but also because I’d forgotten how nice it is to be complimented. Why hadn’t I factored that in?

Suppose she’d had a tough day and then I told her that those very boots represented a significant cultural revelation to our little enclave. Clearly, she’d go home feeling triumphant and share the story with her spouse, lover, or adoring, hot live-in housekeeper–who would then sit down next to her, slide the boots off with gentle hands and begin the foot rub of her life.

Wait, how had this become my fantasy? I snapped out of it just as I got home and searched for the best red boots eBay has to offer. This first pair is closest to the foot rub fantasy boots, but they’re all pretty fantastic.

Vintage slouch boots from boutique Nancy’s Next to New (starting at $25)311611380_tp

Cute cowboy boots (starting at $25)


Suede riding boots (buy now for $50)297932568_tp

Frye red leather shearling flat boots (buy now for $140)307184188_tp


Be Not Tall … In the City


My office used to be based out of New Jersey. We recently moved to the glorious neighborhood of Chelsea (in New York City). Weeks ago, I’d hop in my car, drive to work, and walk into my office in my fabulousness a la super-tall heels. And I felt like the queen of the world.  

Now that I’ll be trekking up and down Manhattan streets and avenues, likely carrying my heavy-ish laptop, I knew a change would have to be made for the sake of my feet. It’s not my first choice to wear flats, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. And when you sacrifice height, something’s gotta give. You have to make for it with sass.

So here was my other dilemma: When you work in the city, there are so many other expenses–better (more expensive) food, metro cards, and well countless happy hours. A girl’s also gotta save.

Luckily, I found ultra-fabulousness in winter wear. Thank you, These Sporto Casey Waterproof Suede Ankle Boots, as cute as they are, only set me back $29.99! They used to be $90. What a steal!

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