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Dressed Up in Walking Shoes

It’s really hard to break up with a friend.

Many don’t realize it, but friendships, often with far more longevity than “true” relationships, can be volatile and just as heartbreaking to lose. Especially ones that go on over periods of years, with their share of sparring, drama, and angst.


Restricted Audrey Plum Suede T Strap Brooch Heels

And then, suddenly, that day comes when you realize that your friendship has ceased to be a pleasurable thing. Not only are you not having fun, or enjoying the other person’s company – but you are enjoying your own self less than you used to.

Relationships can sometimes do that to you…you cease to value yourself, and as your own esteem is brow-beaten, you become sort of a shell of yourself – and truly begin to believe you are worth less, deserve less, and are entitled to less respect than you are getting.

And then, you decide to get it back…but are so afraid of losing what has now become a emotional crutch that the alternative – even though a healthier world – seems far scarier than the reality.

Eventually, for your own salvation, you have to take your walk out of that person’s life – as lost as you may feel doing so, and when taking that stroll, I wore Restricted Audrey Plum Suede T Strap Brooch Heels, $59.50 at

The shoes, much like my decision to be a stronger, more independent me, has layers – luscious suede (to symbolize treating myself to a better me), a upper flower (rebirth), and plum shading (the color of riches, and royalty…I’m sure there’s a metaphor for that in there somewhere too…)

Anyway, they are just really cute, and great for fall. And they make me feel better. 🙂


All Dressed Up and No Place To Go

So, try to follow this story from the beginning.

I am total best buds with an indie band (in a non Almost Famous sort of way). This has been true for nearly a decade. About three years ago, one of the guys in the band started to date this awesome girl, who went on to become my BFF. She, then, introduced her other BFF (since like college), to one of the other guys in the band, who instantly hit it off. This couple is now getting married.

betsyvillepaulineObviously, I assumed I would be at the wedding. Hell, I was the one the dude called for hair advice before his first date with this girl. Clearly, I am significant.

As it is to be a fairly non-traditional morning ceremony in a nearby park, it will be less formal – but still a summer wedding! I had the dress all picked out, and new that these Betseyville Pauline T-Strap Pumps from would be the perfect accompaniment. The oversized faux leather bow with metal stud detail depicted precisely the edgy and sexy look I was going for. Perfect for a summer wedding in the park among a bunch of musicians.

Except, my invitation never came. And all my friends received theirs. And while, obviously, I am somewhat taken aback at the obvious shun, I have bigger problems: My gorgeous shoes and I now have no plans for that morning.

Brunch, anyone?


2009 Young Benefactors Gala: Perfect Occasion for Those T-Strap Pumps!


These Delman T-straps are the Bee's Knees!

“All that Jazz” is the theme for this year’s Smithsonian Young Benefactors Gala, which brings to mind several thoughts: A) Will people wear jaunty headpieces?! B) Do I still remember how to do the Charleston and C) Roaring 20’s=cute T-strap heels!

This Gala will definitely be the Real McCoy, featuring Raggs and the All Stars and a silent auction with proceeds going to the Young Benefactors Culture4Kids fund, which gives DC school children access to culturally and educationally rich programs offered by the Smithsonian.

See below for event details, and tickets are going fast! Click here to get yours now, so then you can start shopping for those t-strap heels: I already know which ones I want!

Who:Smithsonian Young Benefactors

What:”All that Jazz”

When: Saturday, May 16, 2009 from 8PM-11PM

Where: Donald W. Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture (8th & F St., NW, Washington, DC)

Why: There’s no excuse to be a Wet Blanket, when it’s for a good cause!


My New #1…. Exit Donald, enter Ann

Donald Pliner, we’ve had a great run. But every relationship runs its course. Yes, I’m sorry, I thought I was clear about that when we met… I’ll never be a one shoe girl.

I have loved, yes loved, a lot of shoes in my life. And you will always be very special to me. Look how much care I’ve taken with you. I have hadyou shoes re-soled, re-heeled, basically resuscitated more than once.

Brown and linen with pointy toe, kitten heel slide – you have seen me through so much.

Yes, we look good together. Yes, you make my legs look long. We also apparently defy gravity according to almost everyone who sees us together! The fact you stay on my feet amazes many people. Donald, we’ve had a great run.

But you have this “squeak,” yes “squeak,” that I cannot get rid of.

Walking along as the Southern Ambassador of Sole with a squeaky heel will not do. Not at all! Something must be done!

Donald, I’ve met someone. Her name is Ann… Taylor… Loft. Good family, old money. I know. Trophy Shoe? Don’t say that.

She’s very down-to-earth. She makes me feel young.

Yes, there is a new shoe in the closet.

Brown, suede, peep toe, wedge heel, t-strap,

Brown suede mmmm…feels so good but didn’t cost me enough to be bad.

Wedge heel – better choice when I have to hurry – trot as opposed to an all out run. Yes I do need to hurry – even in the South!

T-Strap – so sophisticated yet fun.

I am so sorry Donald, but I need to move on. I’ll be dropping you at the second hand store. I’m sure you’ll find someone… more your own speed.


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