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Handsome Devil: Morrissey & Stella McCartney design shoes

Furthering the argument that leather-free footwear can be fashion forward, two of the planets most stylish vegans are teaming up to produce an animal-free line of shoes.

Stella McCartney's Koiec flats for Adidas

The U.K.’s Spinner Music broke the news: “Morrissey is to design a range of leather-free shoes with designer Stella McCartney. The designer, the daughter of Sir Paul, said the designs are in the early stages but she hoped they would be in stores next year, the Daily Mail reported. ‘I’m working with Morrissey on a line of leather-free shoes which I’m really excited about,’ Stella McCartney was quoted by the paper.’We are still in the early stages, but the shoes could be launched next year.'” (Also on the horizon: “McCartney is also reportedly set to work with fellow vegetarian Leona Lewis on a new clothing range.”)

New York Magazine’s The Cut blog had this to say: “Finally, the void left by Natalie Portman shall be filled!”

Stella McCartney vegan sneakers for Adidas

Joke all you like; McCartney can deliver. Back in 2004 Discovery Company Treehugger wrote, “High fashion isn’t usually associated with sustainability–at best it does a little greenwashing here and there. But in the case of Stella McCartney, high fashion makes an exception. Miss thing inherited more than just rock royalty genes from Daddy, she inherited Mom’s good-hearted love for animals. All of her clothes are animal-free, including the shoes, which, amazingly, even forego PVC-based plastics in favor of materials derived from plants.”

McCartney’s current footwear lines include an Adidas laceup with a textile upper and synthetic outsole, and a faux-suede perforated bootie to which blogger The Shoe Goddess gave serious props. “While I may think that everyone needs a pair of suede booties for their wardrobe, Stella McCartney has given a beautiful alternative with her faux-suede gray perforated booties,” she writes. “These booties are of course even more interesting and unique because they have the perforations throughout the shoes. The holes are absolutely stunning and turn the shoe into a canvas and creating a piece of artwork on the shoe itself.”

Stella McCartney perforated bootie

So what will Morrissey bring to the project? The former Smiths singer manages to keep his own shoes out of his publicity shots for the most part, but his immaculately tailored suits are epic.

Can you spot Morrissey's footwear? muses, “While the collection is probably going to be more fun that Natalie Portman’s, it has posed a major dilemma for us. What’s the best Smiths reference to make in this situation? Grazia went with ‘Shoplifters of the world uniting…’ Fashionista wrote, ‘We guess all those pleases paid off and he’ll be getting what he wants this time.'”


Chilling Out in the Hamptons

Yesterday, I attended an editors retreat in Southhampton, housed at the Blueprint Cleanse Day Camp.

Moo Shoes - Neuaura Falcon Sandal

Moo Shoes - Neuaura Falcon Sandal

Blueprint is a super-popular cleanse program, and the camp based around it was all about holistic health – us editors took yoga, learned how to create menus of healthy raw foods, and had a long list of beauty treatments.

A day like that really makes us question our role in the universe, from the perspective of making the most out of organic, natural ingredients – and I found myself reflecting that right down to my toes. On my feet? A find from vegan shoe store Moo Shoes, the Neuaura Falcon Sandal.

I’m as far from vegan as I can get, but for a while now, I’ve been inspired by the world of cruelty-free shoes and apparel.

While a day of kale and nuts was fabulous and health-affirming, I’m not about to give up my sliders and fish tacos. That said, every little bit matters, and the idea of no animal losing their life just so I can have cute feet is sort of cool. I mean, really…every little bit counts, right? And if I’m helping the world by wearing a pair of cute sandals, all the better!

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