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Tess Tuesday: Combat Boots on Trend

I bought a pair of vintage combat boots around this time last year. Upon spotting them, I thought they were cool and edgy and they gave me a bit of nostalgia for the last time they were in style. (I rocked them in the fourth grade.) So, quite pleased with myself, I skipped home to show them to my roommates. I didn’t even much like having roommates, but I will always treasure this ritual of ours. Fine, it was just my ritual– no one else liked showing off her new purchases. One of the guys once showed us a new DVD though, and I made sure to give it a lot of praise.

Anyway, I was used to the unveiling of my new finds being met with oohs and ahs. The combat boots however, were met with an uncomfortable silence and a cough for comedic effect to cut the palpable awkwardness of the uncomfortable silence. I was shocked! These boots were so cool. I tried to explain to my roommate how I would wear them and what I loved about them, but it was in vain. They refused to agree with my taste. I forged on though, and wore them out of the apartment in front of my closest friends, only to be met with ridicule. To be fair, my closest friends are allowed to ridicule me and I them, which is why now I can say to them, “Ha ha, look who’s wearing them now!”

There you have it–they are in fact a trend. So as not to give myself too much credit, I will admit that although mine were vintage, I picked them up at Urban Outfitters. They’re great for balancing an ultra feminine look, they flatter the legs in skinny jeans, and they exude an air of bad ass no matter what you pair them with. They’re all around winners and I think, due to their versatility and undeniable chic factor, that they’re here to stay.

My latest pick, the J. Shoes Meadow Combat Boot, have the added detail of ribbon laces for a feminine contrast. Love ‘em.


Red in the Feet

I spent some of my time home for holidays reading one of my gifts, a vintage copy of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. While I watched the movie obsessively as a kid, this was my first time reading the original.

A little shock: Dorothy’s shoes are silver. Of course, they remain gorgeous, sturdy and very powerful–the standards I hold all shoes to today.

Even though the story itself was much more exciting and elaborate than the screen version, ruby red slippers still seem like home to me… and the Emerald City of eBay is bursting with vintage finds.

Beautiful Bally Italian leather pumps ($45, size 8 ) with a rose accent.

Vintage Andrew Geller wellies ($12, size 10) with a cozy drawstring top from boot boutique, Marmfruts.

Red and white saddle shoes ($125, size 7.5) from Trunken Treasures.

Vintage suede wingtips ($10, size 7.5).

And gorgeous, rich eighties, over-the-knee boots ($10, size 6).


eBay Quick Fix: Classic Golf Shoes

Whenever I’m packing to visit old friends and family, like I am right now, I start channeling Katharine Hepburn as Pat in 1952’s Pat and Mike (he’s Spencer Tracy).

I’m pulling out all my nipped-in pants, blousey tops and and casual cardis. No matter what situation Pat gets into, including playing multiple pro sports, she looks pulled together. Her style is just the way my instincts wander when the potential chaos of a large family gathering is on the horizon.

The perfect shoes to walk me through all this can only be sleek, sturdy vintage golf shoes–possibly featuring a jaunty little kiiltie. No need to get too serious. It’s a celebration after all. Here are the top golfers on eBay.

Preppy brown and white size 6 1/2s from eBay store Sporting Goods USA:

Black and white saddle shoes (size 9 1/2) from eBay boutique fancywhat for $18:

Lady Fairway classic buckle shoes (size 8, $13) from eBay store Recycle, Reuse, Reduce:

And structured, vinatge Kenneth Cole NY golf shoes (size 7, $40) from Philly’s Finest Vinatge:

Sure these are a bit different. But they are also adorable and dignified. And for me fashion, like golf, is a game I take part in just to please myself.


eBay Quick Fix: Silver Lining

For anyone who needs a little silver lining now and then. I know I do.

Marc Jacobs peep toe pump, from the boutique AxelUSA. A 25% discount puts these lovelies at $225 (various sizes available too).MJShoes1

Classic, classy, 5″ heels from boutique The Vivid Room are going (in lots of sizes) for about $40; a perfect fit for the budget optimist.Seduce-420SQ-silver

And if you happen to be a lucky size 8 optimist, check out these low-heeled, 60s, vintage Pietro Nieman Marcus round toe pumps, selling for only $13 from Vanities Vintage. Want to thank me? Hug your friends, hang with your family, share your sparkle.318513219_tp


Ode to Reality Bites

I’m not sure if it’s the recession, the resurfacing of round sunglasses, or if just I wasn’t disaffected enough the last time I saw it, but I was way too into Reality Bites when it played at my park the other week. If not for the smoldering looks from Ethan Hawke and Winona Ryder, then definitely for the floral sun dresses and green wedge sandals worn by sweetly sarcastic Vickie Miner (Janeane Garofalo circa 1994).
The best part: All of the roughly 500 people watching emitted a collective groan following this gem from Winona’s character, Lelaina, “I was really going to be somebody by the time I was 23.”
It was Troy’s (Ethan’s) sweet response, though, that led me to make this loving polyvore set that night (click here for details on the goods), “Honey, all you have to be by the time you’re 23 is yourself.”

Reality Bites

But what good are Vickie-inspired dresses and glasses without some shoes scored on eBay?

Fist up, green Christian Louboutin straw wedge heels:IMG_0061

I couldn’t NOT list these Chloe platforms:P1010372

and gorgeous Ritz dark wood sandals with carved side details:277345315_tp


Harry Potter: Beyond the Robe

03So maybe when you think high fashion, you don’t automatically picture Professor Horace Slughorn strutting down Diagon Alley. But wizards know how to dress. They’re always having their robes professionally tailored and donning grand velvet confections underneath.

In the new Harry Potter movie (yes I am a superfan), they step it up. The Slytherins scuttle about the school in sleek black suits and shrunken jackets, with big leather handbags remnicent of Gossip Girl. The Quidditch uniforms are fitted and rather cool. And the campy, crazy and excellently evil Bellatrix Lestrange, played by beautiful Helena Bonham Carter, smolders in ethereal layers of black.

She wasn’t in as many scenes as I would have liked but with photography direction from Bruno Delbonnel of Amelie fame, her look did more than enough justice to her character, and made me want to go goth with gusto.

While I was too mesmerized by her wild hair and wicked spell work to really notice her footwear, here is what I’ve imagined for her (and for those of us who’d like to take a little fantasy into our everyday lives), all from the enchantingly affordable eBay boutique Fasionfixer Vintage:

Punk goth platforms;100_5240-1

Lace-up black leather granny boots;100_6049

Hot oxford cut outs;100_5227

And brown Roper boots for evil-doing lite.100_5249

Photo via.


A Sookie Stackhouse Summer: As Seen at BARE Mag

To return the favor for the sleek summer trends piece the BARE magazine editors did for us, I let them in on my True summer shoe muse. Here it is, in case you missed it over at BARE’s blog.

shoeblog1My personal start-of-summer ritual always begins with a really pulpy paperback and ends with a light new pair of kicks. But after devouring the Twilight series in the spring, I was afraid nothing could top the vamp-induced trance I wanted to recreate on the beach. Enter Sookie Stackhouse, telepathic waitress, vampire-lover, and my fictional summertime muse.

Sure tons of people picked up Dead Until Dark, the first in a series of supernatural books set in sweaty Louisiana, ages ago, but I think now is the perfect time. True Blood, the HBO show based on the hot novels, is in the beginning of it’s second season, giving me the perfect excuse to immerse myself in page-turners, season one episodes and season two spoilers. I’m all about Sookie.

It doesn’t hurt that the adorable Anna Paquin plays her character, a petite blond with a penchant for short summer dresses paired with platform sandals, sling-back kitten heels and girly sneakers. All her styles are summer-y, sexy, and timeless, perfect for a gal with a civil war- era boyfriend. And well, perfect for another gal in search of summer shoes to take me through every situation of the season on a very tight budget.

With Sookie’s style on my mind I turned to a funky vintage eBay boutique with plenty of southern charm, Elvis Really Rocks. My top picks from this aptly-named store:

Bone peep-toe sling backs with a heel low enough for strolling but high enough to get some attention;shoeblog2

Red hot canvas Keds with a pebbled sole and braided trim;shoeblog3

Prim navy Hopsack tennis shoes with thick jute soles;shoeblog4

Rope and leather braided sandals with wooden heels;shoeblog5

Now I’m not so sure Sookie would go for these chunky, laid-back, 70s suede cut-out sandals. But they seem like sweet shoes for summer reading.shoeblog6

Photo via.

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