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These Boots Are Made for Banking

 When I think of bankers, my pea brain conjures up a very straight-laced image of tailored suits, briefcases, and proper black loafers: think the guys from the Fidelity Fiduciary song in Mary Poppins. 

 MP Bank

Imagine the shock, wonder, and amazement I experienced yesterday when I was at the bank and  my favorite teller, Ben,Right On Boot told me that he was wearing boots, platform boots, to work today! I was in a rush, so sadly I didn’t have time to ask for a full description of his footwear. I’m hoping to find some banking matters to tend to today, so I can catch a glimpse (and hopefully a photo) of his Halloween heels. I’m really hoping they look something like these gold sparkly platforms.

Needless to say, any company that understands shoes need not be serious–especially around Halloween–is a place I want to do business!  

P.S. It never ceases to fascinate me how some guys actually manage to walk (or run!) quite well in heels, yet I still see young ladies that can’t seem to walk without wobbling…


Sneakerball 2009: Who’s That Chick Rockin’ Kicks?

At the Greater Washington Sports Alliance (GWSA) 2009 Sneakerball that “chick” may have been Sheila C. Johnson, Lindsay Czarniak, or Cristy Oglevee.

Shelia C. Johnson (pictured right)

Sheila C. Johnson (pictured right)

For 6 years running the GWSA has honored outstanding members of D.C.’s sport’s community at this unique black tie event that encourages attendees to wear tennies with their tuxes! But I had to wonder, do women actually ditch their stilettos for sneakers?

As I approached the venue in my pink sparkly Converse, I was slightly apprehensive; however, my fears were assuaged as I saw not just men, but many women sporting sneakers as well. I talked to several women who fessed up that they too were afraid they would be the only heeless gals, but in the end swapped their pumps for Pumas anyway. Quite a few ladies, though, could not part with their heels and sported some killer stilettos. The hands-down most asked question of the night? Why on earth WOULDN’T you wear sneakers?! Most of the guys assumed it

Mike Easby, Mrs. DC Deanna McCray, Justin Scango

Mike Easby, Mrs. DC Deanna McCray, and Justin Scango

was a vanity issue, but Mrs. DC, Deanna McCray raised a very valid point. Her evening gowns are hemmed for heels (as are most of ours), so wearing sneakers would leave her dress dragging on the floor. She promised she tried–and wanted to–wear sneakers, but they just wouldn’t work.

As for the guys and gals that sported sneakers, there were some very impressive shoes! Converse were probably the most popular choice as one can find them in an array of colors and textures. I also discovered that Nike and Puma make some pretty sharp sneaks as well! My absolute favorite shoes, though, were the DIY projects. Sheila Johnson spruced up her sneakers with ribbon laces in shades of salamander, and I was totally jealous of Julie Hoyt who added rhinestones to the toes of her silver Converse (why didn’t I think of that?!).

Sheila Johnson wore salamander laces
Sheila Johnson wore snazzy salamander laces
Julie Hoyt jazzed added more sparkle to her Converse using rhinestones
Julie Hoyt jazzed up her Converse using rhinestones

While there were an abundance of stand-out shoes, the real stars of the evening were the GWSA honorees, including the late Eunice Kennedy Shriver and the Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin. I must say, that whether you’re more into sports or shoes, the Sneakerball is truly a one-of-a-kind experience and a black tie event that you will never forget.

[rockyou id=154334281&w=650&h=216]


Fashion’s Night Out in DC: Have heels replaced hemlines as economic indicators?

Roaring 20’s economics guru (and perhaps closet fashionista) George Taylor coined the “Hemline Theory” which claimed that the stock market moved up and down in accordance with women’s hemlines. The Hemline Theory did have some logic behind it. In the earlier part of the century, silk stocking were considered a luxury item. When times were prosperous women could afford this little luxury, and so they wanted to show them off by wearing short skirts. However, in an age where maxis and minis both are on trend, I think perhaps we should look to heels as a new economic indicator.

Consider ballet flats, which have been quite popular the last few years. They’re the lowest possible heel, and where has the Dow been hanging out? While short skirts showed off fancy stockings, heel height (or lack thereof) is a practicality issue. If one is saving some money and walking in lieu of hailing a taxicab, 5-inch platforms probably aren’t your best bet. Many have even dubbed these uber stilettos “Limo Heels” implying that one must be able to afford luxury transport as 7-inches hardly makes for a good walking shoe.

Last night as I headed to Neiman’s for Fashion’s Night Out festitivies–stimulating the economy is

Is that a DOUBLE platform?! Photo: NM

Is that a DOUBLE platform?! Photo: NM

our patriotic duty after all–I felt like I didn’t quite measure up. I was wearing one of my fave vintage Pucci dresses, so my ensemble wasn’t the problem. Perhaps my Bert-esque  brows? I immediately headed straight to the PR at Partners stand that did complimentary hair and eyebrows at the event to fix that problem, but I still felt like I fell SHORT. Then it dawned on me: my 3-inch heels just didn’t measure up! I headed to the shoe department to sip some champagne and collect my thoughts–seriously, what is more relaxing than lounging in the Neiman Marcus shoe section sipping some champers? As I sat surrounded by my good buddies Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, and Valentino I noticed that when it comes to footwear this fall everything is looking up Up UP– Boots are over-the-knee, while any stiletto worth its weight in Harry Winston will put you over the moon. Judging by the looks of things, if my heel height theory holds, Fashion’s Night Out has definitley kicked off the start of a very fun and prosperous shopping season.


The Glamazon Diaries Present “Glam in the City,” a Manolo Blahnik Trunk Show

Attention DC Shoetubers:  mark your calendars for June 16 for “Glam in the City” to get a special preview of the newest Manolo Blahniks. In addition  to ogling the newest styles, one lucky lady will even win a pair of Manolos. Then again, everyone actually wins, since each guest will get a goodie bag with lots of NM beauty baubles!!!  Honestly, what Shoetuber can possibly resist an evening that promises shoes, champers, and other goodies all courtesy of Neiman Marcus and The Glamazon Diaries?! I certainly can’t! See below for details, and don’t forget to RSVP to by June 12!



2009 Young Benefactors Gala: Perfect Occasion for Those T-Strap Pumps!


These Delman T-straps are the Bee's Knees!

“All that Jazz” is the theme for this year’s Smithsonian Young Benefactors Gala, which brings to mind several thoughts: A) Will people wear jaunty headpieces?! B) Do I still remember how to do the Charleston and C) Roaring 20’s=cute T-strap heels!

This Gala will definitely be the Real McCoy, featuring Raggs and the All Stars and a silent auction with proceeds going to the Young Benefactors Culture4Kids fund, which gives DC school children access to culturally and educationally rich programs offered by the Smithsonian.

See below for event details, and tickets are going fast! Click here to get yours now, so then you can start shopping for those t-strap heels: I already know which ones I want!

Who:Smithsonian Young Benefactors

What:”All that Jazz”

When: Saturday, May 16, 2009 from 8PM-11PM

Where: Donald W. Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture (8th & F St., NW, Washington, DC)

Why: There’s no excuse to be a Wet Blanket, when it’s for a good cause!


Fashion for Paws 2009: lots of well-heeled pups and patrons

20090328-fashion4paws-vp_1189wl1Labradors and Louboutins were all the rage at the Washington Humane Society’s   2009 Fashion for Paws event. Despite the rainy weather, everyone was groomed to perfection, and there was no shortage of fabulous footwear; however, my suede Chloe platforms, may not have been a terribly wise choice considering the weather.

Scouting out shoes amongst the crowd was almost entertainment enough, but the runway show definitely did not disappoint. I noticed lots of ballerina-esque lace-up heels, which I love, but doubt my 5’5″ stature could execute. One look I was especially fond of was by Betsy Johnson: hot pink leopard print socks under a pair of  stilettos. Not gonna lie, part of me really wants to try and pull that one off for a night on the town! This will definitely require some  serious sock shopping (try saying that after several glasses of champagne).

The true stars of the evening, though, were all of the cute pups up for adoption. Not only were they irresistable, they were remarkably well-behaved. As the owner of a 4 month-old Bernese Mountain Dog (Schatze Page) that won’t heel on a good day, I can’t imagine trying to walk her down a runway while I’m in heels! Not to mention, with all of those designer shoes, and all those dogs, I didn’t see a single Choo being chewed!

All in all the event was a great success, raising over $200,000. I think it’s safe to say, though, that by the end of the night everyone’s tootsies were definitely dogged!

Special thanks to Vithaya Photography for the great picture!

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