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Soleful Tete-a-Tete with a DC Cabbie: What makes women so nuts over a shoe?

Since I’ve been writing for Shoetube, I’ve found that people have no problem spilling their souls when it comes to, well, soles.

A few weeks ago I was on my way home from the Smithsonian Young Benefactor’s Gala* and somehow my cabbie and I got on the topic of shoes. I was telling him about Shoetube, he was telling me about his wife’s massive shoe collection, and then he asked me the million dollar question:

“What makes women so nuts over a shoe?”

Then he started pelting me with questions harder than the rain falling outside:

Is it because a shoe is expensive? Is it the name? Is it because of a celebrity?  Why does my wife NEED all these shoes?!

The man makes a point. Why is it that certain shoes are just to-die-for and some even worth eating ramen noodles for a month? Is it M. Louboutin’s red sole? Is it because Victoria Beckham wore them? Is it just because they’re $$$? Or is it about getting that must-have shoe that’s impossible to find?

Perfect example: pierre-hardy-for-gapI met a girl earlier that evening in a pair of a-mazing $1,000 Pierre Hardy stilettos. Sure, we chatted about those, but what she was even more excited about were the  Pierre Hardy for GAP sandals that she’d scoured the country to find.  She’s currently on an international mission to find this specific Payless sandal that’s been featured in quite a few magazines, but cannot be found anywhere in the US or Canada. Someone needs to call in INTERPOL stat!60% off at the

Personally I’m guilty of being a red sole addict: these are my latest moral (aka money) dilemma.

To answer the cabbie, I can’t explain it: there’s just something about some soles that make them irresistible.

P.S. As I exited the cab, he informed me that there was no way he was going to tell his wife about Shoetube. However, from what he told me about his wife’s love of shoes, my guess is she’s reading this right now 🙂

*recap on that to follow as soon as I work out some technical difficulties with my camera


A Second Public Appearance for Michelle Obama’s Green Choos

mobluedressBack in January, Michelle Obama’s Inauguration ensemble had fashion critics and shoe lovers everywhere buzzing– myself included. At the time I was unsure about green shoes with a yellow-ish outfit, but the more I looked at pictures, the more I loved the combo, and really LOVED the shoes. I came to the conclusion that I absolutely had to find a pair of Jimmy Choo “Glacier” pumps, and obviously they needed to be green. Let’s just say that hunt has been rather futile, but I’m still holding out that they’ll magically appear on a sale rack somewhere!

I digress, back to Lady M. During the Obama’s recent trip to London, Michelle’s ensembles drew a lot of attention, especially the peacock blue Jason Wu dress with the 1/2 argyle Junya Watanabe cardigan. As I gave the ensemble the Manhattan once-over (LOVE the dress, mixed feelings on the cardi), my eyes froze on her footwear. There they were: my Jimmy Choo pumps! But then I got kind of confused. Wasn’t her dress blue? My Jimmy Choos were definitely green. Contrasting colors are one thing, but is green too close to blue in the color wheel for that to work? Perhaps the dress is greener than it appears in pictures? Oh to get inside Lady M’s closet! Hmmmm, that might solve several problems: I wonder what size shoe she wears? An 8 perhaps? Let’s just hope that new puppy doesn’t have a thing for Choo toys!

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