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New Rain Boots: The Process

At first when I get a pair of new shoes, (I’m talking obsession-worthy shoes, not just just your average flip-flops) I take a mental inventory of my wardrobe in the hopes of finding the perfect outfit with which to debut the shoes. Sometimes I take it a step further and think of the perfect scenario. OK fine, I always take it the step further. In honor of today’s sale on rain boots, I did it for the Barefoot Tess Houndstooth Puddle Jumper.


Red in the Feet

I spent some of my time home for holidays reading one of my gifts, a vintage copy of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. While I watched the movie obsessively as a kid, this was my first time reading the original.

A little shock: Dorothy’s shoes are silver. Of course, they remain gorgeous, sturdy and very powerful–the standards I hold all shoes to today.

Even though the story itself was much more exciting and elaborate than the screen version, ruby red slippers still seem like home to me… and the Emerald City of eBay is bursting with vintage finds.

Beautiful Bally Italian leather pumps ($45, size 8 ) with a rose accent.

Vintage Andrew Geller wellies ($12, size 10) with a cozy drawstring top from boot boutique, Marmfruts.

Red and white saddle shoes ($125, size 7.5) from Trunken Treasures.

Vintage suede wingtips ($10, size 7.5).

And gorgeous, rich eighties, over-the-knee boots ($10, size 6).


Peppers, Ponies, and Prada?

greenacres_duoI’m not sure at what point my life turned into True Life: Green Acres, but some days I feel like a combination of Oliver and Lisa (and occasionally Arnold).

When most people get home from a long day of work, they relax, get something to eat, and perhaps even have a drink or two: HA! Yesterday, I got home from work only to discover that my dear, dear horse had broken into my garden and successfully trampled half my tomato and pepper plants. Obviously I did what any “farmer” would do; I went out and tried to chase him out of the garden!

10983520-2f1ee369842ef25453b04938a236c890[1].4a566229-thumbDid I mention I was still wearing my work clothes? I can’t say I know too many farmers that run around a field in a Diane vonFurstenberg dress and Prada sandals. It must have been quite a site for passers by. Maybe I need my own reality show…

Anywho, you would think at some point I would finally invest in proper work boots (especially redwingafter my Wellie debaucle). But what do I know about work boots? I hear Red Wings are quite nice, and they do come in a rather lovely shade of burgundy. Should I go for a steel toe? I wonder if they make a patent leather version?

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