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Here She Comes, Miss America

I’m off to Las Vegas in a day or so…I’m going to meet the new Miss America, minutes after she’s crowned!

Obviously, I’m excited – it’s Vegas – but also, it’s Miss America! However, I was shocked to discover that there’s many prejudices that exist about this competition, to this day.

Yes, it’s America’s oldest beauty contest, but what was once fair in its accusation of “objectifying women” (I hate that term), it’s anything-but now. Still, as I tell friends and associates I’m going to Miss America, they treat it as little better than a strip show.

I think the root of a lot of this misunderstanding is people misinterpreting the feminist movement. I mentioned to an old college friend that I’d be at the show, and he’s like “Oh, my wife wouldn’t let me watch that. She’s a feminist.”

What does, then, feminist mean? Women not given the opportunity to compete for scholarships to further their career? That may have not been how the pageant started out – but it’s where it’s become – and that’s a proud reflection of the evolution of American women.

And so I’m going to Sin City, to celebrate women, and womenhood, and being as out there as we want to be – and in my Naughty Monkey Fiesta heels, $79.99 at, a party it will be!


DIY: Design It Yourself

Here’s a little something for all the Do It Yourselfers out there: Design Your Own Shoes sites. Thanks to blogger Desiree Stimpert, we’ve all been introduced to Shoes of Prey, an online shops that boasts it “creates beautiful bespoke women’s shoes, designed by you.”

My first design attempt at Shoes Of Prey

Here’s how it works, according to the company: “You choose the heel, toe, fabric, color and embellishments. Our expert craftsmen then make your shoes to measure, swaddle them in a soft dust bag and crisp new box, and ship them straight to your waiting feet.”

Reports Stimpert, “I had a lot of fun playing with the design tool, and was surprised at how many combinations were possible. But the biggest — and most pleasant — surprise is the price: most shoes cost about …$215 U.S. dollars, which is an incredible bargain for bespoke shoes.”

While Keds and Converse have been allowing shoppers to customize their kicks with color, print and style choices, self-directed dress shoes and heels have been the sole property of footwear designers. That’s changing.

One style possibility at Dream Heels

According to Luxist, Canadian company Dream Heels is offering novice designers/shoe lovers a chance to custom-create styles. “The designs are shown on the Dream Heels Web site and can be voted on. Each month a winning design is chosen. The creator receives $250 and a $250 Dream Heels gift certificate,” explains Luxist.

So far, all of the Dream Heels styles are the same — a pump — but the designs vary wildly from a rainbow stripe to a peacock print. Currently, 25 designs are in contention.

Finally, Glamour Magazine’s Slave to Fashion blog recently posted that “Online shoe retailer has teamed up with Steve Madden for Sole Search, a design competition that gives aspiring Louboutins a chance to share their towering vision with the world.” Aspiring designers can create a design from scratch or by using a downloadable Steve Madden template.

The Lauper, a popular design in Steve Madden's Sole Search competition

So far over 1800 entries have been submitted and there’s still another month of the competition. Check out the competition, review designs (the Lauper got raves like “These boots r amazing & so cool. I love them! I would love to have a pair!” — in fact, most reviews seem to be supportive) and submit your own ideas.

The grand prize: Steve Madden himself will select one of the three first prize winners’ designs (determined by votes on the Zappos site) to be produced and sold online at There’s also a $500 gift card and a $500 Steve Madden gift card. Nice.


“Boots” for Booty

Recently, someone – who may or may not be me, I confess nothing – made their first booty call.

At the advanced age of twenty-something — which too is a slight fudge – you’d think she would have done this earlier in her life. Sadly, she hadn’t. She is but a shy gal, and tends to go for the dominant boy types.

betsyjohnsonroseheelsBut to be the “inviter” and have the guy come to her – because she was, well, feeling randy – ended up being the sexiest feeling she had ever experienced.

Again, not me. Not admitting to a thing.

However, as I am a girl, and know that the power is in the heel – I informed my friend that what she must do is wear the right shoes. Shoes set a mood – sexy, powerful, dominant – as in Betsey Johnson Kazan stilettos. Honestly, in magenta suede who doesn’t think of booty? Obviously.

My favorite part is the elegant flower at the vamp -because even if we are crossing into wilder territory, we are still ladies! And it’s ever-important to remind our men of that as much as possible.


My Silver Anniversary

At the end of this month I will celebrate my 25th birthday. This year, I’ve decided to treat my quarter-century birthday like a wedding anniversary and invest in something silver. Silver shoes, that is. Below are a few options I’ve been mulling over. Let me know which ones you love/hate, because every shoe gal needs to make an informed decision.

Pelle Moda Carlin Slingback, Nordstrom, $140

Pelle Moda Carlin Slingback, Nordstrom, $140

Chinese Laundry Latte Heel,, $70

Chinese Laundry Latte Heel,, $70

Martinez Valero Corrine Pump,, $135

Martinez Valero Corrine Pump,, $135

Promiscuous Splendid Pump, Zappos, $100

Promiscuous Splendid Pump, Zappos, $100

So this one isn’t silver, but I’m not so sure I can wait til my 50th birthday to buy a pair.

Max Studio Boudica Sandal,, $185

Max Studio Boudica Sandal,, $185


Women, Worth, and What to Wear

As the world begins to take notice of the “power of bloggers”, I sometimes get opportunities that are nothing short of overwhelming. Last week was one of those times – I got to have breakfast with Suze Orman.

reactionheelsI am not very smart when it comes to money. As a single, self-employed, woman, I know there are at least three reasons I should get a little better. But yet, there I am, all the time – throwing receipts to the bottom of my bag. Not balancing my checkbook.

When you are a freelancer, living paycheck to paycheck is just not smart living. Not having a savings account – probably even worse. In times of recession, of course, the lunacy of my life is out of control.

Last week, Suze Orman invited a handful of bloggers to join her for breakfast, where she talked a little bit about the era of social networking; but more importantly, to have a close-knit discussion of our own lives, and needs, and worries. Before going, I was excited, but did not know the magnitude of the morning I was about to have. Could I, someone who has scoffed personal organization and money management for years, get anything out if this?

Of course, my mind immediately went to what to wear. As a beauty blogger, it’s often hard to be taken seriously – I wanted to make sure I looked like a grown up. I chose a conservative A-line shift dress in monochrome colors, but decided to pair it with shoes that reflected who I was. I was, for better or worse, a girl living on the edge – what else could I wear but my Kenneth Cole Reaction Know Lace sandals? At under $100, they are sexy, snazzy, classy, AND budget-smart – all the characteristics I myself aim to possess.

By the end of breakfast, I was inspired – far beyond what I expected. I made a decision to start saving, and to look beyond the next week with my finances – because what would become of me if next week, all my work dried up? I learned to respect myself, and put clients, and friends, and situations around me where I felt respected, and nurtured, rather than held back (or held down). I learned that this economy ain’t getting better tomorrow – but we can still be better, within it. Wish me luck!


Rap Star Meets Roman

If gladiators listened to hip hop, I’m sure they’d be digging Baby’s Phat‘s new Ayana sandal. I scored a pair while venturing the craziness that is DSW a few weeks back, and I’ve had trouble keeping them off my feet ever since. I have to make a conscious effort not to wear them more than three times a week otherwise I might ruin my shoe cred. This is not as damaging as losing your street cred, but equally embarrassing.

In the past, Baby Phat was never on my radar,  but these glam-tastic glads have changed my opinion of the brand—the jury is still out on Kimora Lee Simmons. They easily transition between day and night, making them the perfect summer accessory. Wear them with capris to a beach shindig, or match them with a cotton dress for a casual night out. Available in black, silver and bronze at and

Now if only we could get Russell Crowe to wear them.

Baby Phat Ayana in Bronze


April Showers Bring… Cute Rain Boots

May flowers will be here soon enough, but in the meantime, it’s hard to feel cute sporting rain-soaked hair and smudged make-up. I’ve become a pro at this look living in Chicago where the weather is both unpredictable and unforgiving. If you’re anything like me, the entire month of April is centered around the frizz action happening on top of your dome. But have no fear, these wacky—and absolutely adorable—rain boots are sure to draw attention south of your noggin and onto your soles.

Hunter BootsPrepare to get eaten walking down the street in these fruit-tastic Hunters available at Zappos—perfect for the gal who loves all things shabby chic. According to reviews, these wellies are surprisingly perfect for long distances and are covered under warranty. Also available in 3 other patterns, all equally charming and girlie.

Paul Smith bootsThese eccentric boots by Paul Smith will having you begging for rain just so you can whip out your “crazy boots.” Don’t worry, the 1 1/4″ heel and pointed toe are just a disguise; these babies are 100 percent rubber and ready to get wet. A matching umbrella is also available for the fashionista who loves to stand out. Available at Neiman Marcus.

chooka bootFor those of you dying to channel the rocker within, look no further than the “Julia Stripe” by Chooka. This Washington-based company has a number of quirky styles, but this pattern just screams Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl. Available at the Diane’s Little Lambs store on eBay.

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